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Rainbow Fly Fishing Club

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Stream / Fishing Report

To keep all our members informed, we'll create pages like this one for the stream and fishing reports.

(information to follow).

Stream Conditions

Little River
Terrapin Creak
North Georgia
Smoky Mountains

Fishing Report

Good on
Fair on

Poor on

Where to Go:
If anyone is interested in fishing the Cumberland River, they should contact Cumberland River Canoe & Kayaks.  Harold is the owner and a great source of information on the Cumberland River and Lake.  Harold rents canoes and kayaks in Burkesville, KY.  His business is located on the Cumberland River and he operates a great shuttle service.  Harold's telephone number is 270-433-6226. Tell him Frank sent you.

Go by Rainbow City Auction and talk to Frank Roden.

Stream Releases and Weather Reports

List of related links to follow

In this area, we might mention the date of the next meeting.