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Rainbow Fly Fishing Club

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Hazel Creek Trip

Below are some pictures taken of the Hazel Creek area. The first two are of Jerry Jones and Ron Kelly taken on the trip we made this past August. We hope to get a larger party for next year. Our camping party this year consisted of three Rainbow Flyfishing members. We had a good week. Next year will hold some good camping and plenty of fish.

Ron Kelly and Jerry Jones going in to Hazel with loads of camping gear!

This was our campsite for this trip! Next year will be even larger!

Cable Cove Boat Ramp In November
Notice the boat loaded with camping gear at end of ramp!

We had a wonderful camp setup and even had a good bit of rain, but the tarps kept us dry.

Jerry Jones is getting in his boat to pick us up and carry us back to the boat ramp!

All the pictures below were taken at Sugar Fork except the boat picture which was at the mouth of Hazel Creek. These pictures were taken on a previous trip. Sugar Fork is a tributary that runs into Hazel Creek at campsite #84.

This boat is ready to cross Fontanna
At the mouth of Hazel Creek!!

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Base Camp
No One At Home

Members of Hazel Creek Fishing Club

Just relaxing around camp!

Three falls between Sugar Fork and Bone Valley

There are good fish on both sides on this pool!!!

For another website with pictures of Hazel and fishermen, click on the link below!

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