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Rainbow Fly Fishing Club

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Rules for Casting Competition


     Rainbow Fly-Fishing Club “Fly-Fishing Masters Competition”



                                     Rules For Qualifying


1.      Accuracy Casting

A.   Will be held Saturday, March 5th, 2005 at 8:00 a.m. at Gadsden State               

     College Aquatic Science Center on one of the lakes.

B.    There will be a drawing to see which two-member team goes first.

C.   There will be three round rings used for the accuracy competition.

The diameter is 34” on the large outer ring, 25” on the medium center ring, and 15” on the small inside ring.

D.   You can use your own rod for the accuracy competition, but it must be a 9 foot rod, any weight you choose, it must have a 7 foot tippet on it, and the Judges will furnish the fly.

E.    No pre-marking your line for this competition.

2.      Distance of Casts

A.   20-25 feet,     40-45 feet,     and 55-60 feet

B.    You can make as many false casts as you would like, but you can make only one cast into the rings.

C.   If your line touches the ground or the water on a back cast you are disqualified.

D.   There is a 10-minute limit for both members of the two-member team to cast.

3.       Points Per Circle

A.   Outer ring is 100 points

B.    Middle Ring is 200 points

C.   Inside ring is 300 points

4.       Distance Casting

A.   This will be the used for a tiebreaker if needed.

B.    The rod to be used will be 9 foot 6 weight furnished by Rainbow City Auction.

5.       Judges For Accuracy Competition

A.   Will be at Gadsden State College Aquatic Science Center on

Saturday, March 5th, 2005 at 6:30 a.m. to get everything set up for the competition.



B.    The Judges will make the decision on the lake to be used for the

competition. If it is a windy day, they will choose the calmest part of the lake to hold the competition on.

C.   The Judges will need to wear waders for the competition.

D.   The Judges will set up the rings for the accuracy competition in the lake they choose.

E.    There will be one Judge standing behind the team member and one Judge standing in front of the team member while they are casting for this accuracy competition.

F.    If any questions arise that are not covered in the rules the club has voted on, and we have a gray area, the club agreed to refer back to the original “Fly-Fishing Master Competition Rules” for the answer.

G.   The Judges for this accuracy competition are:

Tommy Robertson

Frank Roden

George Tilbury

Jimmy George

6.       Distance Casting Award

A.   After the Accuracy Casting Competition is finished there will be a

     separate “Distance Casting Competition” just for fun. There will be 

     an award presented to the winner.

B. The same 9 foot 6 weight rod used earlier for the tiebreaker will be   

     the rod used for this casting competition.